About Me

I'm Keeley (or KJ), I'm 22 and live in Bedford, UK. I currently work full time but I am training to become a Nail Technician.

I decided to start Tales of Nail so I had somewhere I could store all my nail photos. I enjoy writing and I am passionate about nails, so it just made sense! All my nail art is self taught which has got better with time! Practise really does make (almost) perfect. Tales of Nails is to express my creativity through nail art and all the pretty things in between!

After years of biting my nails I finally went ahead and got acrylic nails which I have never once regretted. My natural nails were so weak they would break as soon as they grew. After having nail extensions I found my love for nail art. I started out just painting one solid colour and eventually grew my collection and started to experiment with new things. I now have a tidy little polish collection which is growing rapidly along with nail art stamps, stickers and gems.

Away from nails, I am a self confessed Xbox addict! My game is choice is Call of Duty. This makes a lot of people laugh because it couldn't be any further away from my nail obsession! If, on the off chance, any of you have Xbox Live then let me know! We can share nails and game together! Haha :) I have the best group of girlfriends and the most amazing boyfriend. We've been together over 5 years and I love the pants off this guy!

I hope you'll enjoy my posts and join me on the journey!

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