Friday, 5 October 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Supporting SweetJellyBean

This post is dedicated to the brilliant SweetJellyBean.

She's currently running a campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness and will continue all throughout October.

If you'd also like to get involved head then click here. Her post gives some brilliant tips on what you should be looking for and why it is so important - I hope you can all spare just a few minutes to give it a read! You an also grab a banner which can be seen over there >> to help link people to her post. 

As I am fully supporting her, I decided to base my next set of nails on the campaign. These nails were designed for SweetJellyBean but I would love to share them with you too! :)

They're super simple but cute and so effective. I've already had quite a few people comment on them and ask 'why?' to which I can tell them about the campaign throughout October. 

Are you doing anything for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  


  1. Keeley! THOSE NAILS ARE AWESOME! I love that you decided to support BCAM with your nails! How incredibly creative. I'm so glad that we have become blogging buddies. <3 You are just an awesome girl!

    Brani Laine

    1. Ahhh me too! :o) you're such a sweety, you!

      Mad rush to get them over to her in time but I'm happy with how they came out!


    2. Did you know that you had word verification turned on and approval? Sometimes it makes it a little harder for people to comment, and I used to have both until a pretty popular blogger told me I should get rid of them if I wanted more comments. But it's totally up to you, of course. I wasn't sure if you knew and had done it on purpose! Just a thought, love! :P Just wanting to help out a tiny bit.

    3. Ohh no I didn't knwo that! I will have a look - I hate those things! Thankyou :) xxx

    4. No problem, girl! I can't believe you change your nails daily! I am sooo jealous. I can't even do my own nails, and when I pay to get them done I leave them for as long as they'll last, about 2 weeks...

    5. My boyfriend gets so mad at me because I get them done and I'm literally itching to paint them lol!

      I've had 4 different designs in 2 days haha..opps! I just can't help myself! x