Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hey, Hey I Wanna Be A Rockstar!

So as it's Halloween..I had 553354564 million people knocking at the door wanting sweets which meant painting nails was difficult! I did do a really cute floral pattern but it got smudged in the door opening and sweet giver-out-ing! So I decided on a simple but fun mani using the rockstar ring finger.

I decided to chuck a blurry photo in there as it picked up the different colours nicely!

USED: Models Own Hed Kandi Hedonist and Barry M Silver Cascade finished with Out the Door Top Coat.

I <3 Models Own. It actually becoming my new obsession. I just can't seem to get enough of it! All their polishes are a nice thick consistency and apply to the nail really nicely, giving a nice smooth, glass like finish - which I LOVE.

Do you use Models Own? What's your fav?


  1. Gorgeous I love the rockstar nail!

    Jazz x

  2. These look awesome! Did you head over and see my new layout yet? It looks awesome, imo. I'm stoked. I painted my nails, so of course I thought of you lol.