Wednesday, 17 October 2012

F Is For..

Really?! Wednesday already?! Well that only means one thing.. Llama Nails 'ABC Challenge' time! So my choice this time was a bit of a cop out on my part! I've been crazy busy every evening this week so haven't had a chance to sit down and give my nails love! Luckily, I had a mani I could use which I have already posted about - Fishbraid. Here's a picture for anyone who may have missed it..

Luckily I absolutely love it so I didn't mind sharing it as my 'F' choice - I did plan on doing Frankenstein as it's so close to Halloween but I went out my a meal with my family and didn't get back til' late! Excuses, excuses! 

Anyway - hopefully I'll be a bit more creative next time (and less lazy!). Until then, here's some hilarious nail photos I found that describe me to the ground!

Ohhhh you know it made you smile! :)

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