Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Weekend!

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Not really rules... because who follows rules on the weekend?!
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So mine's a little late..seeing as the weekend is over! But I'll tell you what I did and what I'm looking forward to this weekend!

So this weekend started quite rubbish. I've been suffering really badly with migraines and I woke up Saturday morning with the mother of one! So I had plans to go shopping with the girls but had to cancel :(. Instead, I went to get some tablets for my head and went home and laid in bed.. All day. I watched a few films on LoveFilm - Beetlejuice being one of them - can I just say - How have I never seen this before!? Heart this film!

Saturday night had been planned for a while. One of my friends moved home from London and is now living in a lovely little flat with another friend so we had a flat-warming party with vodka jellies, karaoke, red plastic cups and balloons! I haven't been out (or drank..) since July so I was drunk after my first drink which only meant for a good night. The night ended with a lot of McDoanlds food eveywhere (boo hiss boo to me! NOT a good diet move, but was such a great idea at the time! Dreading weigh-in on Tuesday!) and lots of prank calls. All in all, another awesome night with some of my favourite peoples!

I know, I know - post A picture. But the night was eventful and I felt I needed to add a few to get the dynamics of the evening. I did look smart(ish) before I started drinking haha! 

Sunday consisted of tidying up the mess we made, bacon and sweets (again, not diet friendly!), the boyfriend and films! It was nice to just chill out and do nothing although I did need a power nap because I was SO tired! Dad made us home-made steak burgers and chips which was exactly what I needed! 

THIS WEEKEND! Well this week is a good week. I'm only working 4 days as I have Friday off to go to Thorpe Park Fright Night with Craig. I'm super excited. We've been for the last 3 years and always have the best time! That means Saturday I'll have achy feet but will probably spend the day watching Craig play football before we go to the cinema that evening. I think we're going to go and watch Sinister so that'll be fun! :)

Anyway. Hope you all had a lovely weekend..only 4 days to go til the next one! :)