Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nail Tattoo..what?!

So I read somewhere about someone using temporary kids tattoos on their of course I went on to eBay and found some designs I liked and eagerly awaited them to be delivered!

Well they came so I had to have a go! I used Barry M Bright Purple and some E.L.F in White on the ring finger. You need to make sure the polish you're applying the design over is completely dry otherwise you'll get some dragging!

If you'd like a step by step guide, then comment and let me know and I'll create one for you all :)

I absolutely love the result! It looks so different to anything I've done before. Word of warning - if you're doing this for a special occasion, do it as close to the day as possible. As with fake tattoos on skin, when they get wet it does start to peel away even with a top coat.

Have you ever thought about using temporary tattoos on your nails..?

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