Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nominated for Beautiful Blogger Award!

So tonight I got a lovely message from the talented Naomi at Bewitchery letting me know she's nominated my blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I'm so flattered that she considers my blog one to follow! Bewitchery is a blog about all things beauty, reviews and lifestyle in general! I'd recommend you head on over and check it out!

Right, so this is my first nomination so forgive me if I get it wrong!

There are three rules for this award, which are…
•Post seven interesting things about myself.
•Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award.
•Let them know about nomination.

Seven (not so) interesting facts about me..Right, well here goes..

1. I love the colour PINK (did you already guess..? haha).
2. I'm training to become a Nail Technician. This is done in my spare time. I must admit, due to my holiday coming up (19 days, yay!) I have been slacking, but as soon as I'm home, I'll get back on it and qualify in no time!
3. I don't really watch much TV but when I do it's either stuff to fry your brain like Jersey Shore (don't act like you don't love it!) or documentaries! I LOVE me a documentary!!
4. My DVD collection is one to rival Blockbuster. I probably have over 250 DVD's but still can't help myself to buy more. It's almost as bad as my nail addiction. When you add it to my boyfriends collection...well, let's just say we'll need a whole room for DVD's in our house!
5. I want to be reincarnated as a shark. I'm not overly fussed what shark, although I'd pick a hammer-head if I'm given the choice! I think sharks are so beautiful and majestic! I know they're also killers, but what can you expect in their territory?! 'Shark infested waters'..What, so does that mean your home is 'Human infested'?
6. When I was in school, I represented England in the 100 metres. I kick myself everyday that I gave it up but what can you do? It was fun while it lasted although I could barely stomach the nerves in front of a small crowd, let alone at a higher level!
7. I have 6 tattoos. All tasteful! I have one behind my ear, one at the nap of my neck, one of my outer wrist, one of my lower back, one on my hip and one on my foot! I think tattoos are (mostly) beautiful. Much like how I express things through nail art, I think it's nice to have something on me that means something to me!

Now I know I'm supposed to nominate another blogs but I've only been set up 48 hours so I haven't really spent much time looking through many others, but if I could bat this back to Bewitchery, I totally would! So for now, I'm not going to pass it on, but I will revisit this in the future and nominate those who deserve it!

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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