Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sallys is My Kinda Heaven!

So a trip to Sallys meant new polish so I had a few painting sessions with my new goodies..!

First up, OPI Roll in The Hague..

The orange was such a lovely bright colour and I thought the flower nailart stickers just set it off nicely! These caught a lot of peoples eye (I wonder why..!) and got a fair few compliments!

Next, my bargain of the day was my China Glaze Mid Town Magic which I got in the sale for £2.30!!! It's a gorgeous black with loads of glittery accents. It's so beautiful especially when you catch it in the light!

The photo doesn't catch how lovely the polish is - I think I need to swatch this one on it's own! Anyway, Barry M silver foil (shock!) used with my Bundle Monster stamp - just used half the leopard stamp instead to get something new! :)

I got about 4 other polishes from Sallys that I've not yet used so will swatch them soon and post them up! :)

Do you have a Sallys near you? What's been your best bargain?!

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