Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pink AND Bows..What More Could You Want?

I felt kinda plain so just deicded to go for a Rimmel baby pink polish but using Essie Shine of The Times over it to give it a little somethin' somethin'! (Essie post to follow...!). I'd also just brought a load of 3D glittery bows off eBay so decided to try them out.

Sorry - picture quality is a bit rubbish! I think I'll start using my camera instead of my iPhone! Anyway, I wasn't too sure if I liked these or not! I think having a massive 3D bow was a bit strange but they did grow on me, except when I caught the bow in my leggings...yeah, OUCH! I think they look super cute but I would only do these again for an occasion. I held them in place with a small ball of acrylic underneath which also made taking the bow off really easy!

Have you have any 3D nail art? How did you find it?

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