Friday, 10 August 2012

OK I Lied..

..Just one more archive post. I found a few on my phone that are actually too pretty to not include. Plus I figured out a nicer way to watermark my pictures so wanted to show that off too haha.

First up, acrylic done by moi (thanks for letting me practice on you, Mum!) Base colour used is Barry M Bright Purple with (surprise, surprise) Barry M Silver Foil as the stamp polish (I just love it!) and then a bit of unnamed silver glitter within the stars. Stars are on a Bundle Monster plate..

Next up (thanks to my Mum for being my guinea pig..again!). Barry M Bright Purple (her fav!) with Barry M Silver Foil and a Bundle Monster plate..

And finally is just my au natural (well..natural style, nails are false!) design. Typical french manicure with a cute little flower design because I can't do plain!

I just can't do white tips for very long! It lasts a week at a push before I can't fight the urge to paint them! Don't know how I will manage on holiday as my boyfriend has told me I have to do the same design as above and keep it for the WHOLE 2 weeks..ermmm.. Think I might have to sneak some polish in my hand luggage and paint them in secret!

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