Friday, 10 August 2012

The Brighter, the Better!

OK so I think i have posted enough of my old pictures, after this post they will be live, up to date photos with step by steps! Yay me.
Anyway, my last archive post is quite a plain and simple one. It is Barry M Neon Pink with Barry M Hexagon glitter.

Now I LOVE this polish just because of how bright it is - the picture doesn't really do it justice so I'll have to swatch it again another time..!
Although, with neon colours I found them so watery meaning you need loads of coats and I'm far to impatient for that so I tend to first do a layer of white polish, let that dry and then apply the neon colour. I only need two coats max and it is a bright as you'll get it!!  Give it a go - it makes a massive difference! :)

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